par davduf, 7 November 2016

Since February 5th, thousands of you have changed your lives. Thousand of you have installed our Dadablock on your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), transforming big, bad Internet advertising into good and genuine Dada slogans. And ever since, some of you have mixed and remixed, capturing screens like moments of stolen freedom.

Some of you have been crying foul lately. Fakes! Falsities! Fraud! You’ve been asking for new…ads! And so you should! Dada-Data is giving itself 10 days to make new anti-ads. And Dada-Data needs you! Send the best Dada slogans your fertile minds can produce! And we’ll make them with love – and joy!

Dada-Data thanks you!
And Dada-Data salutes you!

View online : DadaBlock

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